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Science Behind the Wire Drawing

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Metallurgy is the study of metal and metal processes.  There is a defined rate of change of metal characteristics based on tension and strength over a range of temperatures when the metal is being manipulated.  Wire drawing is a metal working process used to reduce the cross section of wire by pulling it through a series of dies.  This process is a type of forging.  Forging is the plastic, or permanent, changing of a metal shape.  Forging can be performed at hot, warm or cold temperatures.  Since, metals have different characteristics at varying temperatures; it is possible to change the characteristics of the metal itself as the temperature rises.  When wire is drawn, it is drawn at room temperature.  At that point, it is being ‘cold worked’ forged.   Cold working a metal is term used for plastically deforming at ambient room temperature without changing the characteristics of the metal.  When the wire is drawn, the metal does not change characteristics, it only changes shape. To pursue "professional qualification and brand building” corporate objective. Promote technological progress. 

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